About David

David Minty is a children’s author and illustrator. He lives in Auckland with his wife and two boys.  

His first book My New Red Car (2019) was published under his publishing imprint Minty Books. It tells a story of two friends who follow a trail of destruction around town as they search for their missing car. ‘Original, witty and really quite disturbing. Dare you not to giggle!’ (Sally Sutton).   

David second book What’s In The Box? (2020) also published by Minty Books, is a story about two friends who find a box in a paddock and imagine what could be inside. ‘Second books can be difficult. This deliciously quirky book coming on the heels (or wheels) after My New Red Car proves David understands exactly how children's minds work and how to make readers of all ages giggle.’ (Janice Marriott).  

David's books can be found where all good books are sold.